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Paperless Office

     We are migrating to a near paperless environment in our practice. While it is impossible to be 100% paperless, we are attempting to reduce the amount of paper and environmental waste our practice produces by utilizing the following technologies:

1. Digital radiography using ScanX

 Digital radiography using ScanX - Dakin DentalDigital radiography does not require conventional film or developing solutions as all images are captured and stored electronically. An added benefit is that the amount radiation is reduced to half when using phosphor plate technology. Images can then viewed on the computer screens in the operatories and enlarged 1-20X life size to aid in patient education of their dental conditions. Image enhancement via software also aids in diagnostic capabilities for the dentist and also offers annotation so that notes may be added to digital images for future reference.

2. Digital Photography & Intra Oral Cameras

Digital Photography & Intra Oral Cameras - Dakin Dental With digital photography and intra oral imaging, case presentations can be illustrated more effectively and efficiently. Accurate documentation of cases is also attained as well as communication with specialists, insurance companies, and commercial labs. We also use Color Ink Jet printing for photos if you wish to have a hard copy of any images.

3. Fully Computerized Charting, Scheduling, and Data Storage

Fully Computerized Charting, Scheduling, and Data Storage - Dakin Dental Fully Computerized Charting, Scheduling, and Data Storage - Dakin Dental Loss of vital patient chart information due to an office catastrophe is now a thing of the past. Computerized patient charts can be backed up and stored securely off site. Patient charts can also be accessed from any operatory or computer terminal in the office, ensuring accurate communication of information from treatment areas to front desk billing.

4. EDI/iTrans claims submissions

EDI/iTrans claims submissions  - Dakin DentalUsing EDI/iTrans, we can immediately determine the balances owing for your dental procedures that day if your insurance company allows for EDI direct billing. X-rays and digital photographs can be forwarded electronically as well, further reducing paper waste and decreasing time for preauthorization responses.

5. Computerized Case Presentations & Patient Education

     A picture can be worth a thousand words. No where is that more true than when it comes to patient education of dental procedures. With the aid of Optio patient procedure demos and CAESY video presentations, we are well equipped to answer any questions you may have regarding any dental procedure.

6. Epocrates

(Internet based Pharmaceutical reference data base)
     Books become rapidly outdated by the time they are published. With the use of an online drug reference data base, such as Epocrates, new drugs are updated immediately as they become available. Using this type of dynamic drug data base means we are up to date with current medications on the market and can cross reference any medication for drug interactions.

7. iCanaden & DentalTown

     These online dentistry interactive chat sites provide a plethora of information on just about any topic imaginable for dentistry. The ability to communicate online with other dentists across the continent provides an enormous resource for dentists. Dr. Dakin is an active member of both web resources and communicates regularly with other online dentists in both Canada and the USA.


Diagnodent - Dakin DentalSometimes our clinical explorers can only detect so much. Using a laser light to fluoresce the tooth, this diagnostic device checks deep grooves in teeth to determine whether a tooth groove is merely stained or actually decayed. This is very useful for determining whether the tooth requires a sealant, a preventive resin (which involves drilling with no freezing), or local anesthetic plus more extensive preparation and a filling.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation - Dakin Dental We are one of the few practices in the province offering nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide has been safely used for over 150 years in both the medical and dental field to ease patient anxiety and provide a low level of pain relief for dental procedures. While nitrous oxide doesn�t actually �put you to sleep�, it gives an overall pleasant sensation and greatly reduces anxiety. Please refer to the nitrous oxide fact sheet for more information regarding nitrous oxide.

NTI appliances

NTI appliances - Dakin Dental A unique form of biteplane, these appliances have the ability to reduce or eliminate migraine headaches of TMD/TMJ origin. Dr. Dakin has been successfully utilizing NTI appliances in his practice since 2002. Nearly all patients using the NTI appliance prefer the comfort fit of an NTI to the standard full arch mouth guard style biteplanes and in nearly all cases report a higher degree of symptom relief. For a comprehensive review of the NTI appliance and how it works, please visit the NTI website.


Endodontic - Dakin DentalWhile root canal procedures are nothing new, the equipment used to perform them has certainly advanced significantly in the past decade. The use of rotary endodontic file system has reduced treatment time and improved success rates by more effective canal cleaning and shaping. Electronic apex finders are indispensable for accurate and rapid canal measurements and also reduce radiation exposure by eliminating the need for a guide file x-ray. However, nothing can replace the technique of the operator for ensuring the best quality root canal procedure, and Dr. Dakin has taken numerous continuing education courses in this field in addition to the substantial investment in cutting edge equipment.

Wheelchair Accessible - Dakin Dental We are Wheelchair Accessible

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