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Comprehensive Diagnosis

     The cornerstone of any new patient exam. The exam involves a complete medical history review including pertinent medical conditions, medications, allergies, and past surgeries. An examination typically begins with an extra oral (outside the mouth) screening of soft tissue of the head and neck focusing on the both external skin appearance and palpation of deep glands and lymph nodes. An intra oral (inside the mouth) examination then focuses on conditions in your mouth where all aspects of your oral health are evaluated. Not only are your teeth examined for cavities, but an examination of your gingiva (gums) is performed in conjunction with an oral cancer screening. In addition to a thorough clinical evaluation, radiographs (x-rays) are essential for complete and accurate diagnosis. An assessment of TMJ health is also performed as well as overall occlusion and need for minor and major restorative dental care.


     Basic oral home care is an excellent start to healthy teeth and gums. However, routine cleanings by your hygienists using scaling instruments and rubber cup polishing for most patients is advisable at least twice per year. Fluoride application plus oral hygiene instructions are also an important part of your biannual visit. A recall examination completes your preventive recare visit. In some instances, sealants may be recommended to fill in deep grooves on the tops of your teeth. If you or your children are active in sports, don�t forget to ask about getting a custom fit mouth guard for protection of your teeth and TMJ!

General Restorative

     For routine fillings, there is a choice of either white resin fillings or the silver amalgam fillings. Most restorations can be completed using resin filling material provided there is adequate moisture control and access for the light cure unit necessary to harden the resin. Typically rubber dam isolation is used for moisture control, however, sometimes cheek pads and cotton rolls can be used. Amalgam fillings are still used and pose no health concerns. Nitrous oxide sedation is available for any restorative work on either children or adults.


     Root canals have a bad reputation; undeservedly. Root canal therapy is necessary to preserve an existing tooth when it has either become irreversibly inflamed (causing extreme, constant discomfort) or necrotic (dead). A necrotic tooth will eventually abcess and cause considerable pain and swelling, and is a health concern. Our office uses an electric apex finder which is fast and accurate method to determine canal length and has the added benefit of not requiring an x-ray during this process. We also use rotary endodontic file systems for faster procedures and a higher predictability of success

Crowns, Inlays, & Onlays
     When a tooth has become excessively compromised by decay and/or existing restorations, a crown may be recommended for protective measures. Crowns may be gold, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal, we will give you your options and help you decide which option is best for your tooth. In some situations a more conservative treatment may be recommended for your tooth; an inlay or onlay made of gold or ceramic may be a better restorative option.

Bridges, Implants, Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures
     To replace a missing tooth or missing teeth, a partial denture, a fixed bridge, or implant supported tooth/teeth may be recommended. Each scenario for replacing missing teeth is unique; we will evaluate your condition and provide you with the necessary information to aid you in your decision.


     A hot area in dentistry thanks to many of the Extreme Makeover shows on television. By itself, cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty or a single procedure. There are many ways to improve your smile, from simple tooth whiting using our in-office bleaching products to full mouth rehabilitation with fixed prosthodontics. Even simple procedures involving minor microabrasion or gingival recontouring can give your smile the transformation you�ve been wanting. However, the more advanced cases usually involve some combination of crowns, bridgework, implants, or veneers to achieve the desired result. If you have any questions with respect to improving your smile, let us know! We are happy to provide you with any information necessary to help you in your decision and facilitate treatment.


     Do you suffer from migraine or tension headaches? Discomfort in your jaw when eating? Hear snapping or cracking sounds in you jaw joint? Experience severe temperature sensitivity in your teeth and receding gums in spite of good routine home care? You may be experiencing either TMJ or TMD symptoms from clenching or grinding your teeth. We will evaluate your condition and determine if your situation warrants biteplane therapy. In many cases, biteplane therapy can relieve these symptoms, especially an NTI appliance.


     We accept children of all ages in our practice. For most situations, routine fillings can be done in the office while your child watches their favorite TV show on our ceiling mounted televisions. To help with anxiety, Nitrous Oxide Sedation or oral sedatives can be very beneficial during treatment. In the more advanced cases, we will recommend treatment be performed under general anesthetic in a hospital environment.


     In situations where you or your child�s teeth are not as straight as they could be, orthodontic treatment could be a solution. We provide basic comprehensive orthodontic treatment as well as limited treatment where only a couple teeth may need to be addressed. Orthodontic appliances may also be used to correct cross bite or various other minor tooth movements. If your case is too complex for us to treat in our office, we will gladly make the appropriate referral to a local orthodontist of your choice.


     Occasionally, routine periodontal maintenance has to be augmented with periodontal surgery for optimal periodontal health. Minor surgery to the gingival tissue consisting of crown lengthening, open flap curettage, or excess gum tissue removal may be recommended during your recall exam if your periodontal condition warrants it. For correcting periodontal defects, gingival grafting may also be recommended to preserve tooth stability. If your situation is overly complex, you may require a referral to a periodontal specialist.

Oral Surgery

     We provide a variety of surgical procedures ranging from simple & complicated tooth extractions to soft and hard tissue alterations. On occasion, biopsies may need to be performed and sent for evaluation. Referrals will be made to oral surgeons for overly complex situations, most commonly, impacted wisdom teeth or orthognathic surgery.

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